Champaign Park Avenue SDA Church History

The Beginning:

     Members of what would become Park Avenue SDA Church, began meeting together in January 1973.  The congregation was officially organized as a church of the Lake Region Conference of Seventh-day Adventists on Sabbath, April 27, 1974, with Elder T.S. Barber as its first pastor.

     According to a published report, the church was established in the following manner

     "When Mrs. Willie A. Jackson, a literature evangelist, moved to Champaign, Illinois, several years ago, T. S. Barber said, 'It may be that through you the Lord will raise up a church there.'

     December 31, 1972, T. S. Barber, [Lake Region Conference] publishing secretary, visited Mrs. Jackson and learned that the members were eager to do more acceptable work in their neighborhood.  They believed that their work would be made more effective by having a place of worship in their community.  A suitable place was sought and found in February, 1973, after a seemingly fruitless search. The Lord directed them to a place that had just been vacated one day before they discovered it.  Immediately complete renovation began.  Today it is beautifully paneled, and at 5:00 P.M., Friday, April 27, the last piece of wall-to-wall carpeting was laid and the 100 new stack chairs were placed for vesper service.  The chairs are being purchased individually by interested members and friends.  Many came on Sabbath, April 28, to witness the results of their investment.  After his sermon, R. C. Brown, [Lake Region Conference] secretary, with T. S. Barber and James Dykes led the 20 members in the organization of the company."

   (source: "Work of Literature Evangelist Results in Organization of Church."  The North American Informant, July-August 1973 [vol. 27:04], p.4)

PASTORS of Park Ave. SDA Church